Calhanoglu stings Milan fans again

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Calhanoglu stings Milan fans again

Hakan Calhanoglu è was the big star on the pitch on Inter's celebration day at San Siro. The Turkish midfielder with a brace broke Torino’s resistance, kicking off the celebrations for the second star scudetto: after the celebration on the pitch, the Nerazzurri players along with the managers went around the city on open-top buses, between two wings of the crowd.

Before departing for the parade, to Dazn the Turk did not hesitate to send more barbs at the Rossoneri fans, who had already been stung in recent days after the derby victory. "Today è a beautiful day and I don&#39t want to talk about the other side, I just want to have fun today. I don&#39t want to do what è was done to me in the past".

After the Rossoneri scudetto Calhanoglu had been among the most targeted by Rossoneri fans, but the Turk now looks beyond: "I want to be serene, we have to play again. He will not makeò mess on the uncovered bus",

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