Jannik Sinner: Lorenzo Musetti does not say he is jealous

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Jannik Sinner: Lorenzo Musetti does not say he is jealous

Lorenzo Musetti restarts from the Sardegna Open to gain valuable points after the latest disappointing results in the Atp circuit. The tennis player from Carrara in a press conference at the Cagliari tennis club outlined his situation: "The main goal was to be still competing in Madrid, but soì it wasnè t; unfortunately. I am happy to return to Italy, here in Cagliari where I had good feelings and memories. I have always been comfortable, forò è a restart tournament for me". 

"I will tryò to put games in my legs and regain the confidence thatè a bit’ lacked in recent times. It è will be useful to prepare Rome and then Paris. The end of last season wasnè t good, I lost a lot of matches in the first round and I think to win a lot of points in those situations: forò more than points I want to think about finding the Lorenzo Musetti of the last years".

Musetti is going through a period of decline, just as Italian tennis, and in particular Jannik Sinner, are coming into their own at the world level: "The good moment of the other Italians? Never jealous of their results, in fact I am happy for them and I think their successes can lead everyone to do better".

"I take this tournament not as training, but I want to try to win. I feel that this tournament can be a good opportunityà to find my tennis again. Tiafoe and I are the top of the draw, but there are many other opponents who can win this tournament. I have many memories in Sardinia and in this club, although I lost to Djere in the final two years ago. I hope to do my best and I hope to win the title".

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