‘Salvation playoff’ goes to Cagliari, Sassuolo now needs miracles

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The "salvation playoff" goes to Cagliari

At the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia, Cagliari beat Sassuolo 2-0 in the lunch match of the thirty-seventh day of Serie A: yet another feat by Ranieri, who led the islanders to salvation, while the neroverdi will now need real miracles to preserve the category.

The first shot of the match comes after a full 60 minutes and is taken by Zappa, Consigli blocks it in a low hold. But shortly afterwards Cagliari took the lead: Dossena touched it to Prati, who thunderbolted Consigli with his first intention. The doubling comes in the recovery: foul on Lapadula in the box and penalty for the Sardinians, è the same Peruvian national to transform from the penalty spot.

Cagliari è so è mathematically safe, Sassuolo, which without Berardi è a whole other team, instead è now one step away from Serie B.

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