Serie A, Abodi on the attack: ‘Impossible to continue with 20 clubs’

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Serie A, Abodi all'attack: "Impossible to continue with 20 clubs"

Sports Minister Andrea Abodi at the conference “Sport Industry Talk” speaks clearly about the future of Italian soccer: "It is è unthinkable that the league will continue to have 20 registered teams, Serie B 20 and Serie C 60".

"It è not a question of numbers, but of credibility that allows the’affirmation of fair competition: there are clubs that pay and risk not hitting their goals, others that do not pay and perhaps maintain the category. The Series A è a significant taxpayer of tax; è a common goal to make the machine" work.

On sports reform: "I started hearing about reforms since 2010. I appreciate the federal president’s decision to call an assembly for March 2024. The football system è central, seven out of 20 teams participate in European cups, the system must be questioned".

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