MotoGp, Di Giannantonio: “I thank Valentino Rossi.”

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MotoGp, Di Giannantonio: "I thank Valentino Rossi"

New VR46 centaur Fabio Di Giannantonio expressed his gratitude for Valentino Rossi’s decision to rely on him to replace Luca Marini, who left for Honda. 

"I would like to meet him in person to thank him for his trust. È always nice to be with Valentino".

"They are a solid working group that I have always admired for what they do. There’è always to learn from Valentino".

The finale d'year with Gresini è has been great: "I have many emotions attached to this team. We hated each other, loved each other, broke up, got back together and lost each other again…. It’s really a lot of emotionsÈ a great opportunity; becauseé I continue to work with a Ducati, I can learn a lot in this team".

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