Giancarlo Minardi: “An Italian in F1? I am optimistic.”

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Antonelli in pole position to enter the F1 world

Giancarlo Minardi è a legend in the world of Formula 1. Founder of the team of the same name. Born in 1947, today he è President of Formula Imola and of the ACI Sport Speed Commission. Directly from the paddock of the Made in Italy and Emilia Romagna GP, exclusively for, he spoke, of course, about his passion: Formula 1… but not only.

Giancarlo, what do you think of this Formula 1? It seems very different from the one in which he was a protagonist with his team…
"Formula 1 è has changed so much. The sport è the same but everything else è different. Changed the way of driving and also the single-seaters. Now they weigh 800 kg, in my time we were struggling to stay under 500 kg".

There are millions of fans in Italy who follow Formula 1. When will we see an Italian racing in F1 again?
"I hope soon. It would also go to reward the work done in recent years as the ACI Sport federal school. We have guys who are doing very well in both Formula 2 and Formula 3. Let's say I&#39m moderately optimistic that it could happen. It would be really nice for Italy, which has always been linked to F1".

There is a lot of talk about Antonelli. Could he be the Italian talent to focus on?
"Antonelli è at the moment, the one closest to the F1 world. He has already done some laps in Formula 1 single-seaters as well. Let’s see, he certainly has talent".

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