Napoli, Jean Francois Gillet promotes Antonio Conte and gets off the hook on post Victor Osimhen

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Bari's former goalkeeper is unbalanced on the future of Napoli&#39s bench and attack

During an intervention at the microphones of "Kiss Kiss Napoli", former Bari goalkeeper Jean Francois Gillet, among other topics, commented without mincing words on market rumors related to the strong interest by Napoli for Antonio Conte, who è is ready to return to the bench after a year of stop. In addition, the former Torino player also expressed himself regarding the replacement for Victor Osimhen, who will leave the partenopei at the end of the season.

"About Conte I can only speak well because I had him almost two years in Bari. At that time we were in total darkness and he relaunched us. We rose to Serie A thanks to his culture of work and details, which he always takes care of very well. It was an extraordinary adventure. He è a sincere person, a very good person, also and above all very straightforward. I had a great time with him, and together we had some really good times" began the former Belgian fullback.

"After this year so complicated I think Antonio would be ideal for Napoli, because he loves challenges, as it already happened for Juventus and Inter, who returned to victory after so many failures. But wherever he has gone he has been able to lift up companies that were previously in trouble, and with his management he has managed to bring them back to the top and win" added the former Torino player.

"I think an interesting profile for post-Osimhen could be Lukaku, who did extraordinary things with Conte at Inter. I think it is a combination that works very well, because Romelu also loves warm places that have so much warmth to offer. He always expresses himself at his best when he feels the fervor of the people towards him and if he were to find Antonio again he would undoubtedly be able to do well even in a square like Naples that has just the right characteristics to allow both of them to shine" commented Jean Francois Gillet.

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