Monaco GP, Ferrari: Charles Leclerc aims for the big target

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GP Monaco, Ferrari: Charles Leclerc aims for the big target

Here are the words in the press conference of Charles Leclerc, the Ferrari driver who will race on Sunday in Monte Carlo, on his home track, in the Monaco Grand Prix, in which he has so far è been the victim of a real curse. The quotes are reported by

“In Monaco we all start from scratch but I don’t think it will beà too different from what we have seen in the last few races. Però there could be some surprises. In 2021 we were struggling everywhere, but in Monaco we did pretty well. We will have to see as Ferrari how much stronger we will be than the others, but I would be surprised if we were not at least fighting for pole“.

“A podium at home would not be worth so much actuallyé because second and third place are not placings that excite me. Winning must be our goal. We have seen in the last few races how we Red Bull and McLaren are close in qualifying and we know how important qualifying is here”.

“We have to put everything together and if we are on pole that will give us a good chance of getting what we want, which is victory. Here things have never gone the way I would have liked, but we have been working in the best possible way and we have been preparing perfectly and hopefully this weekend will be the right time“.

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