Monaco GP, Max Verstappen fears Ferrari, McLaren and circuit

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GP Monaco, Max Verstappen fears Ferrari, McLaren and circuit

Here are the words, reported by, of three-time world champion Max Verstappen in the press conference on the eve of the three-day Monaco Grand Prix, the eighth round of the 2024 World Championship.

“Monaco è totally different from Imola, and looking at the track it probably wonà t be our best track becauseé our car normally struggles on the dips and curbs, we have been working on it a little bit, and so far I think at almost every track we have been at our performance in the low-speed corners has improved. I don’t think it’s going to be an easy weekend; Monaco is never very linear even when you expect to have the best car becauseé è a very complicated track in making everything work. There can be red flags and other events that can upset plans. Things can go the right way but also the wrong way, so we have to be on the piece”.

“Imola had started very bad, but then we managed to turn it around, I would not like to relive a weekend like that becauseé è very stressful and notè pleasant, but we know that this è one of the most difficult tracks for us. We will see what level we will be at starting tomorrow. In the last few years Ferrari è have always been strong here, plus McLaren in the last two races have made good steps forward in performance levels and they will be to keep an eye on. There can be surprises in Monaco: Ocon did a fantastic lap last year in qualifying, and unexpected things can happen when one feels good and has a lot of confidence”.

“After Miami it was very clear that everyone had come closer to us, Imola è was not the easiest weekend and in Monaco it will depend on who can find the best setup, but certainly the values have come closer together. From our side it è important to be at 100 percent, and it è not always a realistic possibility, but you always try to get to a certain level. In the last few races we may not have been able to get to that level, but we try again every weekend to find the best possible setup, but it è clear that others are getting closer. In Monaco è it will be difficult to put it all together and take pole, so I don’t want to look too far ahead. So far I have been doing very well in qualifying and clearly I will aim for pole, but here it è never a given”.

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