Lautaro Martinez doesn’t worry Marotta

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The words of Beppe Marotta

Beppe Marotta è returned to talk about the renewal of Lautaro Martinez: "We had to slow down in the timing due to the change of ownership; but the assumptions are absolutely optimistic and comforting. At the base there's a great will to continue and this è a principle that safeguards any kind of negotiation". 

"Zhang over time è has become a great Inter fan and I hope he can follow our adventures – he added on the corporate news to Dazn -: I thank on behalf of the whole Inter family the Zhang family for the 7 trophies and the money lavished. At the same time I have to welcome this new fund (Oaktree, ed.), which gives usà guarantees".

" I have already spoken with the top management, the ideas are very clear and we are calm, the management è has been confirmed. Not è a fund from 'touch and go', wants to give sustainability è and respect the history of this glorious club: you can è continue to aspire to always important results", concluded Marotta.

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