F1, Lewis Hamilton: “It was almost like winning the World Championship.”

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F1, Lewis Hamilton: "It's almost like winning the World Championship"

Lewis Hamilton è returned to winning after three years right on his home circuit, Silverstone. At the end of the race, the seven-time world champion could not è hide his excitement: "I feel something fantastic inside me, my heart feels really full today. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt it like this, and I think it was a kind of relief that led me to enjoy the moment together with my fans and my team".

"È something incredible, a crazy feeling, and if I have to be honest è almost as good as winning the world championship. The victory in 2008 was hard to beat becauseé it was all in the rain but today, because of conditions, circumstances and the determination I had on the track è it was something moreù".

"On a couple of occasions there’d been a chance to win, but I wasn’t there: Brazil 2022 and in Austria last week. I had a feeling that my time would never come again, and because of the emotional aspect this è the most beautiful victory&quot, continued the Mercedes driver.

"There’s been very good communication between me, Bono and the guys, and then perfect pit stops. I think there was a good balance, but we were always on the edge because it only took one mistake to ruin everything. È it was one of the closest to perfect performances I have ever had. There’è was a moment when I went wide, but other than that I had fierce determination. I had the victory in my sights and I did almost nothing wrong, and once it got closer the feeling was getting better and better, but when I saw Max behind me I hoped he would get to the finish line as soon as possible".

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