Ferrari, Sainz is the opposite of Leclerc: “We are finding our way back to the right path”

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Ferrari, Sainz è Leclerc's opposite: "We are finding the right path"

Carlos Sainz welcomed his fifth place in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.The Spanish Ferrari driver applauded the team for the strategies put in place during the Silverstone race. "The first 10-15 laps I did not expect them, I tried to stay close to Piastri with the DRS, but the McLarens were too fast and I could not stay lì. From there onwards honestly è it was one of the best races we have done since I have been in Ferrari, becauseé all the pit calls or to stay out with slicks we did well".

Fifth place è very positive net of the difficulties that the red single-seater is going through: "I’m sorry that we were not so fast, becauseé today when the track got wet and we were with slicks we managed to catch Max in mixed conditions, and I thought the podium was possible. After però, in full wet or full dry, we were not fast".

"All the calls were pretty much spot on, as well as all the tires and all the radio calls, and è itè just a pity that we were not faster in the first part of the race, in the split times or faster at the end, becauseé I feel that we would have been 100 percent fighting for the podium or the win today, but we are also very happy for the fastest lap in the final".

On the disappointing upgrades: "It&#39s clear that it&#39s not enough, we basically have the same car from Imola and since there; everyone has upgraded and probably added a few tenths to the car, while we had to go back and lost two or three months of performance gains in the wind tunnel and performance that we could have added in those three months, so "It&#39s clear that we haven&#39t been on the right track recently, but now we are finding it again. It seems to me that today was at least a back-to-basics approach".

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