F1 Ferrari, Mattia Binotto grooms team: ‘The right mentality is missing’

©Getty Images

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto: “We lack the winning mentality, that of the Schumacher era.”

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto at the Trento Festival identified what the Maranello team still lacks to win the title: “That winning mentality that was there in the Schumacher era and that pushed you to do better after every victory.”

“It is no longer enough to do your homework well, to win you have to keep progressing and improving: and to do that we have to give 120 percent if not 130 percent. We come from very difficult seasons, from sixth place 2020 in the Constructors: These were years that marked us because we suffered pressure and criticism. And in a way they shaped us. We promised that we would be competitive again, and we have kept that promise, but what I want to say is that between having a performing car and drivers and the ability to consolidate the ability to concretize every situation there is still a step to go.”

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