Ferrari, for Charles Leclerc untenable situation: ‘I’m in a nightmare’

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Ferrari, for Charles Leclerc untenable situation: "They are in a nightmare"

Charles Leclerc, who was just 14th in the British GP at Silverstone, commented disappointed about the difficult moment he is going through: "We threw away an entire race with the choice of intermediate tires, the rain destroyed our tires.  I am living a nightmare for three or four races, we definitely have to get out of it".

"Today I had a good start, then I had the feeling that it was raining in turn fifteen and I called the pit stop for intermediate tires. Unfortunately the rain è actually came eight laps later and that destroyed us".

" We are one of the few cars that threw the race down the drain. Nothing è went right. Now we will analyze everything and see if something more could have been done".

The difficulties with the'update: "It brought us the numbers we expected, but it also gave us quite a few high-speed bounces’. For a track like this, we decided it was probably better to have a little less performance but more consistency, and I think that was the right choice. Going forward we will analyze all the data we have on the two packages and try to figure out if there’è something about the new package that we haven’t figured out yet. I think anyway in Hungary we can go back to using the new version; è a very different layout, but I think we still need to evaluate all the information we have gathered from the comparison and make the right decision becauseé it might not be the same as Silverstone“.

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