Jannik Sinner sheds light on his condition after knockout

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Jannik Sinner’s condition

Jannik Sinner spoke at a press conference after his elimination from Wimbledon: "I was not feeling well already since this morning. I had been having problems, then with the fatigue it wasn&#39t easy. With this I don’t want to take anything away from Daniil who played good tennis, a very smart match".

"The physiotherapist told me it was better if I took some time: he saw my face, I did not look in condition to play. It è was not an easy time, I tried to fight with what I had. I was definitely not well. I didn’t throw up, but I was pretty dizzy".

"Those minutes off the field were the worst for the truthà. When I got back on the court I tried to give my best. I regret not winning the third set, I had a couple of chances and couldn&#39t take advantage of them. In the fourth I raised my level a bit, then in the fifth a bad serve decided the match".

" I never thought about retirement. I was surprised that I was able to extend the match. Two years ago I retired many times, and I don’t want to do it just becauseé I don’t feel well. Today I was somehow in a condition to play. In the fifth set I was feeling a little bit better, I had more energy, which was coming and going today, and so it wasn&#39t easy to handle situations on the court. It happens", concluded the world number one.

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