Paulo Fonseca warns Milan fans.

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The words of Paulo Fonseca

Paulo Fonseca the day after his first press conference as Milan coach spoke to the club’s thematic channel: “All the world knows well the history of Mila. I remember following the team of Gullit, Rijkaard, Van Basten, Baresi, Costacurta, Maldini, Tassotti. Players I admired a lot, è it is hard not to remember these great moments”.

"I was born in Mozambique, a former colony of Portugal. We have a history with’Africa and war. I was born there’ but I have to say that I went right back to Portugal with the family, I don’t remember anything about Mozambique. Eight years ago I went away for the first time and è it was a great experience. First becauseé I got to know different cultures and then becauseé I had the opportunity to start speaking different languages. In Ukraine the’experience è was great, here in Italy everyone understood how much I like the country. Also in France è it was nice. I am very rich after these experiences”.

“I got married to a Ukrainian woman. When I stop, I don’t know if I will go back to Portugal or Ukraine, in our heads there’è to live in a different country. I must say that I am passionate about’Italy, è a beautiful country, we eat well, the people are very emotional and nice. When I left Rome I seriously thought about living here. Today I am very satisfied to come back, I feel very good here. I really like the Italian culture. In the future we will see what will happen, maybe I will stay and live here".

More soccer-like conclusion: “I think that if you want to win in life you have to take risks. And to take risks you have to have the courage to be different. We coaches have an obligation to people who love soccer. We must not only win, but also have a form that excites the fans. We have to create spectacle and to do that we have to have courage”.

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