Lecce: tough communiqué against the banned transfer

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Lecce: tough communiqué against the banned transfer

After the decision of the Prefect of Milan to ban the trip to the San Siro for Lecce fans, the Giallorossi club responded harshly with a statement: “U.S. Lecce expresses its regret for the measure taken by the Prefect of Milan, which determined the ban on the sale of coupons for the Inter – Lecce match to residents of Lecce and its province.”

“The Giallorossi club, in order to protect its fans, including those who have long since arranged the “away trip” bearing the related costs (the 4,361 seats in the guest sector have all been sold for several days), has taken action within the limits allowed by the regulations in force, calling on institutions and competent authorities.”

“So much so in order to be able to identify suitable measures that can reconcile the purposes of protection of public order and safety and, at the same time, the legitimate expectations of those who for several weeks have been put in a position to purchase tickets and plan the trip,” the writing ends.

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