Juventus, ultimatum to Federico Chiesa

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Federico Chiesa, the future

The future of Federico Chiesa is still unclear, and he is certainly no longer incedible for Juventus, and not as of today. The Old Lady è now almost regrets having shelled out 60 million euros to snatch him from Fiorentina four years ago.

In particular, the Gazzetta dello Sport points out how Juventus has cornered the son d'arte, so as not to risk losing him at parameter zero in a year, as è happened with Paulo Dybala.

There are two possibilities on the table: either he renews, but at lower figures than the current ones (5 million euros plus bonuses, to go up to 6) or he will be put up for sale, immediately ending his adventure in Turin.

In the latter case, the futuru could be Manchester United, in a sort of swap with Sancho, who is very much liked by the Bianconeri, who are determined to redo their look especially in attack to satisfy Thiago Motta’s desires.

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