Monza, Luciano Moggi puts his hand on the fire.

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“When Berlusconi puts himself in a context, he is hardly wrong.”

Former Juve general manager Luciano Moggi in an interview with Il Cittadino bets on Monza, which is ready to make its Serie A debut next season: “Berlusconi and Galliani have done an important thing for an important city like Monza, which will now not only be Formula 1 but also Serie A soccer. Also because when Berlusconi puts himself in a context with the will to succeed, he hardly makes mistakes.”

According to the former Juventus executive, the Brianzoli will be able to have an excellent championship: “We will only be able to tell after the market, certainly Berlusconi will want to be a protagonist. I say it will be a very good championship, but let’s not talk about the Scudetto, not even European placings and not even a risky salvation, let’s say something in between and the fans will surely be happy.”

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