Meo Sacchetti immediately breaks ground on Cantù’s market.

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Sacchetti’s first wish

Presentation day for Meo Sacchetti as Cantù’s new coach.

Great enthusiasm in the first press conference, where the former coach of the Italian national team explained what it feels like to be in a historic square like the one in Brianza: “Cantù can boast of having an incredible history behind it; a square that has become great not only for successes at the national level but also in the international arena. I perceived all this both as a player and as a coach, whenever I faced Cantù. I would not make it a Serie A or A2 matter, then. When the opportunity comes to land in Cantù, which can boast precisely this background, you have to take it, without delay.”

Then a judgment on the upcoming season, starting with what the Biancoblù team needs: “Our first choice will be oriented on a high-level point guard because I believe, from my personal experience, that from the role of the point guard the fate of a team always passes. So, once we choose our starting point guard, we can think acomplete the rest of the staff.”

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