Vincenzo Nibali doesn’t go back but his admission displaces everyone

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Shark doesn’t rule out resounding second thoughts

Vincenzo Nibali, with ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport,’ spoke among other things about his future, displacing insiders in no small part: while confirming his intention to say stop at the end of the season, the Shark has in fact left a ‘little door’ open to projects that he may consider interesting.

“It is no longer a mystery that I had spoken at the Giro d’Italia with Ivan Basso, already on the sidelines of the Naples stage,” Nibali explained. “He imagined me in the Eolo-Kometa jersey for the first months of 2023, perhaps up to Milan-San Remo or the Tour of Sicily. I had told him no, hot on his heels.”

“The farewell I did at the Giro d’Italia, with the finale at the Arena, was very nice,” he added. “As you know, it is very likely that I will do some races with fat wheels, on mountain bikes, because to close completely is not nice. And I would like to talk again with Mauro Vegni, director of the Giro, and Urbano Cairo. At the same time, I say that Basso’s is an important, interesting project.”

“Second thoughts? Honestly, at this moment, I think not. But if there was a concrete proposal, it could be analyzed, evaluated. I think it would be right to do so,” concluded the Sicilian champion.

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