Max Biaggi, victory on birthday: ‘Incredible’

©Getty Images

Sterilgarda Max Racing Team boss Max Biaggi after Moto3 triumph: “Thanks to Sasaki, it was great.”

Max Biaggi is not in his skin after Ayumu Sasaki’s victory in the Moto3 Dutch Grand Prix, just on the 51st birthday of the founder and owner of the Sterilgarda Max Racing Team: “It was an incredible day, Ayumu gave me a beautiful birthday present, a fantastic race.”

“He had great grit and didn’t make any mistakes,” the Corsair continued. “Moto3 races are unpredictable, but Sasaki, by staying in the leading positions, managed to avoid problems. We take what should have been ours for quite some time already.” John McPhee retired when he was eighth: “He would have deserved the top 5, I am very sorry for him. Now there is the break, but we are already looking forward to 2023.”

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