Cagliari, protest erupts

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Cagliari, protest erupts

The disappointment of Cagliari fans over the team’s relegation is still overwhelming, and one only has to read the comments on the Sardinian club’s Facebook page to understand that.

“He is selling everyone off fast. Here the interest in Cagliari seems to me to be taking a back seat. All this incoming liquidity and we are looking for captive or C-series players. It doesn’t seem to me that Cagliari is in good hands, I’ve never seen anything like this,” wrote Paolo. Lorenzo echoed him, “But are we not selling anyone today? Because I’m starting to worry…I can already see the sales and it’s not even July 2 yet.” Also harshly Emilio: “You’re giving away players, you’re turning us into a low-ranking provincial team, you don’t even have any idea what it means to be Cagliari, leave.”

In the users’ crosshairs is therefore the management, accused of a market not up to the club’s blazon. Something, however, could move in the coming days: Lapadula is on the details.

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