Massimo Oddo, farewell message with some barbs

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Massimo Oddo says goodbye to Padua

Through an Instagram message Massimo Oddo wanted to say goodbye to Padova: “Separations are like that, you know, they always leave bitterness and regret. It is right, however, to serenely process the sorrow for the separation and look with gratitude and affection at how beautiful it was.”

“They have been four intense, formidable months, lived all in one breath and culminating with the victory of an Italian Cup and a promotion faded in the final after a season lived always at the top. For this I feel first of all to say thank you to the whole world of biancoscudato that gave me this great opportunity. Unfortunately, with the ownership a professional relationship ends but, certainly not, one of esteem and friendship. The conditions existing today, however, do not allow, at the moment, to give continuity to the project started some time ago.”

“I thank all the managers and collaborators who have accompanied me on this wonderful adventure. Thanks to the medical staff, the secretariat, the communications and marketing area, the warehouse keepers, press organs, and all the people who made me feel at home. Thank you to the coaches and managers of the youth sector. Special thanks, must be made, to the fans who have been the added value of this beautiful story and who have always supported me. Padua will always remain a beautiful parenthesis in my professional life. Best of luck to all those who will hold the reins of BiancoScudo in their hands.”

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