Wimbledon, Jannik Sinner candid about difficult approach to match

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The words of the South Tyrolean after the match against Wawrinka

Although the current ranking has Stan Wawrinka in 267th place, no one among the insiders thought he could be an easy opponent for Jannik Sinner: the South Tyrolean, however, showed that he could tame with personality an athlete who, in the not even too distant past, was among the best on the circuit.

The match, however, was decidedly hard-fought in the first two sets, and only starting in the third did Sinner seem to be able to shift gears: “I am very happy to have qualified for the second round,” said the Italian at the end of the match. “At the beginning it was very difficult, Wawrinka showed that he is a champion: he was a great opponent, I wish him the best for the next tournaments.

“At the beginning I didn’t feel good,” he added, “If it has something to do with my relationship with this surface? It’s not just that, it was so sunny in the first sets, it gave me problems. But then it got better and better, I hope to play like this in the second round as well.”

Not unnoticed during the match was Sinner’s ability to look fresh even during the third hour of play: “I like to play best of five sets,” he confirmed, “there are more moments to be able to change the match. Besides, I like to stay on the court.”

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