Virtus Bologna, Massimo Zanetti returns to controversy with Olimpia Milano

©Getty Images

Virtus Bologna’s patron wanted to congratulate the Italian champions

“I didn’t want to be controversial, if anything I wanted to tone it down: it was getting too high. I have nothing against Milan, on the contrary….” These were the words, to Gazzetta dello Sport, with which Zanetti put an end to the diatribe with the Olimpia Milano club.

After raising a fuss during the Scudetto series, pointing the finger at refereeing and Messina, the patron of the V Nere wanted to congratulate the new Italian champions (“This time they won, deservedly so”) but he also said he was ready for the next challenge that will be played not only between national borders but also in the Euroleague. Also next year, it will be Virtus Bologna vs Olimpia Milano.

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