F1, Carlos Sainz now believes: his hopes on Silverstone

©Getty Images

The worst seems to be over for Carlos Sainz.

After a decidedly complex start to the season, the Ferrari Spaniard’s performance has picked up in recent weeks. And now Carlos Sainz comes to Silverstone with the feeling that the problems are definitely behind him.

“In the confidence with the car, the steps forward have been evident,” he told ‘Sky Sport’ on the Thursday before the start of the British Grand Prix weekend. “Even in the race I was finally able to show what I’m capable of, and that the adaptation to the new Ferrari is progressing. Silverstone then is very similar to Barcelona, where I had managed to push for real.”

And after the second place in Canada, Sainz believes it’s time to grow further: “Already there we moved in the right direction. Now it will be important to understand what we will do coming back to a circuit with these characteristics. But if I am as comfortable as I was in Montreal, I think anything can be possible.”

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