Olimpia Milano, Peppe Poeta is still in disbelief.

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Peppe Poeta’s words

Peppe Poeta is ready to begin his new adventure at Olimpia Milano.

“I am really more than proud and honored, excited. When I got the phone call from Ettore Messina I was amazed. I also asked him for advice. Right now I am the schoolboy who will try to learn as much as possible from the greatest of all coaches. Not enough also came the call from Pozzecco. Right now I feel more like a player who can give some advice because he sees things from the outside. But I will grow.”

“Now I don’t leave with the national team for the Netherlands, but I start the coaches’ course in Bormio right away,” he revealed to Tuttosport. “Thanks to the fact that I have collected more than 100 appearances in the national team, Luca Vitali and I can do the last course. The course ends on July 16 and I really don’t think it will be easy, I go with the utmost humility. After the exam a few days off and the reunion with the national team, which I will leave to join Armani for the reunion, to follow the best of all.”

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