Francesco Totti, the truth about Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala

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Francesco Totti’s words

Francesco Totti at the microphones of Sky spoke about his Roma.

“We are used to talking before everything starts. From here to the beginning of the championship anything can happen: we hope they can set up a competitive team that can hit many goals.”

Inevitable question about the rumors of a possible arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo: “I honestly never believed it. Then if it really happened well, all the Romans would be excited about it.

Paulo Dybala had also been talked about. “Let’s say it was possible, very possible. But then other things happened and everything was lost. Now he must be thinking about going somewhere else, I don’t know where. I was hoping he could come to Rome, there was a chat.”

He closed on the future: “I’m old now. Maybe I’ll go find some talent in the world.”

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