Setterosa, defeated in World Cup final.

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Italy-Holland 5-7

Setterosa gets a comeback from the Netherlands and loses the final for third place 7-5. Shy at the start, strong-willed and superior for two halves, melts down in the fourth. She swam, scrambled and put her heart into it but the Netherlands built its bronze medal with patience and a little extra luck. First two halves ahead by a double 2-1, long blackout and the goal not coming as easily. Still, it is a team under construction that is growing and returning to the top four in the world after seven years, following Kazan 2015 when it won the bronze medal.

The last two records at Worlds and European Championships say 1-1. On July 24, 2019 in Gwangju, the Setterosa then coached by Conti won 10-5 in the semifinal for fifth place; on January 15, 2020 in Budapest, but at the Duna Arena, the Netherlands overcame the Zizza-led Azzurri 10-4 in the third match of the round. Twice leading with Bianconi at the start, then always under. On the Dutch bench sat Havenga on both occasions.

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