Sonego-Nadal, tailing venom: “I sleep easy.”

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Sonego blurted out in his press conference, “This is Wimbledon and not third-rate.”

Lorenzo Sonego in a press conference returned to the unpleasant episode that happened during the eighth final at Wimbledon, when Rafa Nadal asked him to yell less: “Rafa apologized but at that moment he conditioned me. There is no such thing as one player calling the other at the net, we are at Wimbledon and not in the third category: if you have a problem you call the referee, not the opponent.”

The Spaniard responded thus, “My mistake. No problem to acknowledge it. I don’t comment further, I talked to Sonego in the locker room. Ethics is a difficult thing to analyze, things that seem wrong to you may seem right to me. It’s hard to determine what the limits are but I think we should all go to bed comfortable with what we’ve done, if you can’t sleep or be satisfied with yourself that means you did something wrong but that’s not the case.”

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