Stefanos Tsitsipas punishes Nick Kyrgios

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Stefanos Tsitsipas punishes Nick Kyrgios

Stefanos Tsitsipas pokes Nick Kyrgios: the Greek posted on his Instagram profile photos of the challenge against the Australian attached by the phrase “Give a man a mask and he will reveal to you who he really is,” a same that Kyrgios has tattooed on his body.

Yesterday’s match between the two was marked by controversy: after tensions on the court, the show continued in the press conference. “His game is a relentless bullying of his opponent. He is overbearing with opponents. Probably even when he was in school he was a bully…. I don’t like bullies. He has very evil personality traits,” Tsitsipas’ words.

“We’re not cut from the cloth. He was the one throwing balls at me on purpose. He was the one who hit a spectator. Aside from bickering with the umpire, I did nothing disrespectful to him. He’d better think about beating me, given his record,” Kyrgios’ response.

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