Palermo, Pietro Grasso sees two as immovable

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Pietro Grasso has clear ideas

Pietro Grasso, former president of the Senate and former magistrate, as well as a big fan of Palermo, spoke to Radio Sportiva about the new ownership of the Rosanero club.

“I followed the presentation press conference live, it is a historic day,” he said. “There is hope and confidence in this new ownership and in Dario Mirri, who has kept 20 percent of the shares and also the position of president. It is something exceptional and fantastic, here comes a company that is involved in soccer all over the world achieving concrete results. I followed the Zamparini experience closely, in soccer you need people who are ready to lose money in it, soccer is not something you can make money from, so you need either fans or well-equipped companies. I was present at the playoff final with Padova, I’ve been going to the stadium since I was three years old, I couldn’t miss it. Now we fans will also have to lend a hand to the new club by supporting it in a very difficult Serie B championship, almost an A2. Unity of purpose will be needed. Baldini has achieved outstanding results, he and Brunori are two points that should be firm, let’s hope the new owners have this foresight, then we will also settle for City’s Primavera (laughs, ed.).”

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