Jacques Villeneuve disintegrates Ferrari: “There is no logic”

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Jacques Villeneuve disintegrates Ferrari

Yet another Sunday of passion for Charles Leclerc, who seemed to have the British Grand Prix in his grasp but then did not even make it onto the podium.

Among the many who put their finger on Jacques Villeneuve, a man who always speaks his mind and keeps a column on the Dutch website Formule1.nl. “There is no logic behind the decision to let Leclerc continue with the hard tire after the safety car in the final phase had left them in a position to hit a one-two. And I observe that Ferrari always makes such mistakes,” the Canadian argued.

“Maybe at the Reds’ race wall they hoped Sainz would stop Hamilton or feared Hamilton would not stop if Leclerc went in. I understand Leclerc’s anger at the end of the race,” the former world champion concluded.

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