Wimbledon, Jannik Sinner’s pride after challenge with Djokovic

©Getty Images

The pride is great, the confidence for the future also.

Jannik Sinner analyzes his great challenge with Novak Djokovic, with the knowledge that from London he will be able to take home many very important indications for the continuation of his still young career. “I already knew it was going to be a very difficult match,” he admitted in the press conference, “and even though he upped the pace in the fourth set I think I responded well in the fifth. I missed a few shots in the final, but I’m proud of myself.”

The South Tyrolean also drew a final balance of his experience at Wimbledon: “I think I improved in every match compared to the one before. Coming back here in a year will help me a lot, because on grass I learned a lot and that’s why we chose this surface. Now I am able to show good tennis, and maybe one day I will do it even better. I have great confidence for the near future.”

Then Sinner talked about the excitement he felt playing against Djokovic, a colleague with whom there was no shortage of training together: “We did it after the first round, and the next day we both won. From a certain point of view we have similar playing styles, but even just training with him is something special. Facing him on center court is a little different, but it’s also a challenge with myself. And it’s something I enjoy doing.”

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