Casey Stoner, social smile: “First time in 12 years”

©Getty Images

A moment that, in its own small way, is historic.

Casey Stoner has been very active on social media in recent weeks, and after showing his fans the vacation he took in Greece he has now moved to Italy, specifically to Asolo. And here a new post has tickled the fancy of many.

In fact, the Australian was shown with a big smile, while at the AlpineStars headquarters he was having a new custom-made racing suit fitted. “Slowly I’ve been feeling better and better over the past few months…. And for the first time in 12 years I’m getting measured,” he then wrote as a comment on the photo he posted on both Instagram and Facebook.

The world champion in 2007 (with Ducati) and 2011 (with Honda) has not ridden a MotoGP season since 2012, although in subsequent years he has often worked as a test rider for the same two manufacturers. Further details are lacking as to why Stoner decided to have a new suit made, but inevitably this decision has caught the imagination of his admirers. Given also the state of form the 26-year-old Australian has been showing of late.

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