Casey Stoner calls on Marc Marquez to change

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Casey Stoner talks about Marc Marquez

Casey Stoner spoke exclusively to Radio Sportiva also dwelling on the not easy situation of Marc Marquez.

“He was a hammer when he was young, he was not afraid of injuries, he pushed, he pushed, and everything was fine. Now every time he falls he feels in danger, this brings so many things in your head, ” said the former world champion.

“For me Marc needs to learn to ride a little bit differently, he doesn’t have the same reaction time as in the past,” added the Australian: he can’t drive as relaxed as he did in the past, it doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s different, it was the same for me, when you’re just coming up you just push to find your limit, Marc was really good at that and he could avoid several crashes, now he can’t do that you’re a little bit slower, he’s like Tom Brady in football, but you can succeed maybe with a little bit more patience, preparing and setting yourself in a different way, when you’re out you always learn a little bit more and he will probably drive in a slightly different way to handle certain situations but we know how talented Marc is, that’s not the point, anyway it will be good to see him come back.”

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