Jannik Sinner, supercoach Darren Cahill is impressed (and makes a promise)

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Pride and awareness for Australian technician

After making the Italians dream at Wimbledon, Jannik Sinner and his staff were able to catch their breath for a few days, aware that they had accomplished something important and that they returned home only after facing a monstrous player like Novak Djokovic.

Speaking to ‘Il Corriere della Sera,’ Sinner’s new supercoach Darren Cahill confirmed that he had swept away any possible doubts about the talent from San Candido: “I knew Jannik as a player but not as a person. He impressed me,” he said, “He is humble, witty, well-mannered and full of passion for tennis. These are the most important human qualities for me. Then comes the athlete, whose qualities are there for all to see.”

In the immediate future, there will be a close collaboration with Simone Vagnozzi: “We will work on everything together, compensating for our virtues and weaknesses,” explained the Australian coach. “Sharing experiences only produces richness. Have I heard from Piatti as well? Of course I have, we are in touch: Riccardo and I have known each other for years, I respect him a lot, Jannik trained him. I couldn’t not hear from him.”

Cahill then made a promise when talking about the goal for Wimbledon 2023: “I know what you would like to hear,” he said in response to specific question, “we are working hard on it, trust us.

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