Livio Suppo peremptory on Marc Marquez: “Insane.”

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Suzuki team manager returns to Honda’s decision to risk Marc Marquez after first arm surgery

Suzuki team manager Livio Suppo in an interview with Gp Racing returned to talk about Honda’s controversial decision to risk Marc Marquez in 2020 after his first shoulder surgery: “If I had been there I would have done everything to prevent him from racing the following weekend, when I heard that he would be back on his bike on Saturday, I thought that decision was crazy. He had said the priority was his health. So from the outside, it’s hard to understand why they let him race.”

The former Honda team manager also spoke about his farewell to the Japanese team in 2017: “I told the president that I was 53 years old and 22 years of experience in this world. If he thought he needed me I would have been more than happy to help. But if not, I didn’t want to stay just to collect my salary.”

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