F1: drivers ‘blinded’ by smoke bombs, Lewis Hamilton’s outburst

©Getty Images

Many F1 drivers did not like the orange cloud that rose from the Red Bull Ring grandstands before the start of the race

So many Formula 1 drivers have criticized the use of smoke bombs by fans present at the Red Bull Ring before the start of the Austrian Grand Prix. Among the harshest Lewis Hamilton, who was ‘blinded’ by the orange smoke of rival Verstappen’s fans: “During the formation lap you couldn’t see the apex of Turn 7 and at the end of the race you couldn’t see anything in Turn 6. Fortunately it was not like that during the whole race. Maybe they should use only at the end of the race, and I can’t believe they are not harmful to the environment.”

Verstappen himself chastised the fans who threw smoke bombs on the track: “I saw one, it’s something they shouldn’t do. As long as they light them in the grandstand there is no problem. In the wind the smoke moves over the track and doesn’t create visibility problems so it’s fine.”

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