Series B, big wait for the calendar

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Great anticipation for the Series B schedule

On Friday, July 15, from 8:30 p.m., the Serie BKT 2022-2023 calendar will be unveiled, which will turn the lights on a season that promises to be incredibly captivating and will restart after the exciting playoff return final that kept more than a million viewers glued. More than ever, this year will feature prestigious cities and squares, with many fans in Italy and abroad, to whom the Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie B wants to give as much attention as possible. The goal is to offer a championship that will be a reference of and for Italians even during the World Championship in Qatar, when the spotlight will be exclusively on Serie BKT.

Friday’s event will once again have as its setting a symbolic place of the Bel Paese, the evocative Arena dello Stretto “Ciccio Franco” (or Anassilaos Theater) in Reggio Calabria, in continuity with the imprint that LNPB President Mauro Balata has always wanted to give to this event, emphasizing the link between territory and club and highlighting the social, economic and cultural identity that unites the soccer team to its city.

Thanks to the Reggina 1914 club, organizer of the event together with the LNPB, the evening will be the first official step of the sports season with a moment of spectacle, entertainment and involvement for all Regginians and all Serie BKT fans.

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