F1, Horner adamant about rivalry with Ferrari

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Red Bull’s team principal is adamant

Christian Horner, interviewed by Eurosport, spoke about the current season and the rivalry with Ferrari.

The Red Bull team principal issued words of esteem toward the Maranello-based team, which has returned to the top after difficult years: “We have a head-to-head in every race, but there is a genuine respect between drivers and teams that is nice to see. Certainly it’s a confrontation focused on the track. There is no politics or no off-track issues.”

“The points gap is bigger than it should have been. They have a great car, I think for example on the curbs they are better than us. Ours is a faster car on the straights and more ‘slippery’. But in the end, the lap times are similar even if achieved in a different way. It’s all in putting things together, from tire degradation to temperature, to pit stops, to strategy. It all counts because we are very close. In this first part of the year we have taken more of our opportunities, but I expect a very close final part,” continued the manager of the Austrian manufacturer.

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