Bernie Ecclestone slams Charles Leclerc and Ferrari: “Money thrown away”

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Ecclestone is disappointed: “In Ferrari they are back to making mistakes”

After Max Verstappen’s umpteenth win in this world championship at the Montreal track, Bernie Ecclestone spoke to the microphones of Blick.

The former partron of the circus expressed, with great conviction, what the outcome of the world championship will be: “I hoped, like many people, that Ferrari could return to winning after more than 14 years. Now unfortunately I have to warn anyone who wants to bet their money on Ferrari or Charles Leclerc that it will be money lost, they will get nothing.”

Ecclestone continued, rehashing, “In Ferrari they are back to making mistakes, reliability seems to be back to the old days and this makes the drivers unsafe. Max is having an easy time and has already scored six wins.”

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