Ducati, Jorge Lorenzo bluntly on Pecco Bagnaia

©Getty Images

“If you fall three, four or five times, it’s no accident.”

Former Ducati rider Jorge Lorenzo in an interview with As did not reserve tender words for Pecco Bagnaia after his mistake in Germany: “The importance of not making mistakes can be seen with Bagnaia. ‘Pecco’ is as fast as Quartararo, but he makes mistakes. When you fall three, four or five times it doesn’t happen by accident, but for a reason.”

“And he always falls when he is put under pressure by others,” Lorenzo noted, “a teammate as happened with Bastianini in Le Mans, or when a rival for the title is a little faster than him and so he has to force and falls. Quartararo, on the other hand, does not make such mistakes. When he has to finish second he does it, and he brings home important points for the standings.”

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