Vagnati-Juric, a former Torino man pulls the ears of the two

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Vagnati-Juric, a former Torino man pulls the ears of the two

The argument between Vagnati and Juric went viral within minutes, and the consequences of the storm could be very serious. Rino Foschi, former Sporting Director of Torino, commented on the incident this way, “It was an argument like so many happen, the problem is that it got to the press almost live. We have all had these situations but they are things that are resolved. Right now between the market in and out and the coach being very direct it’s okay for these things to happen. It’s okay for them to happen maybe in a separate room where no one sees anything, the wrong thing was the sudden way and in front of everyone.”

“The director is a serious person and the coach, although particular, is very serious,” he continued to “They had some good results last year and I don’t think that because of a discussion we can break the toy and sunset all kinds of prospects. Turin is a great square, to work there you have to know how to manage but also overcome these moments here.”

“In my opinion, it will not be easy to recompose the parties, however, for the interests of all it must be recomposed. A similar thing happened to me although not of this magnitude. I remember very well that there was some discussion when the president proposed me to partner with Petrachi. I refused and decided to leave. I also somewhat regretted that decision. However, now there has been this quarrel but to work in a square like Turin you have to move forward together. I am of the opinion that the situation will be recomposed,” Foschi concluded.

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