F1, David Coulthard is tough on Ferrari and speaks out on Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz

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The Scotsman doesn’t mince words

Ferrari’s disappointing Hungarian weekend has only fueled doubts about the Rossa’s race strategy management, with criticism continuing to pour in from insiders.

Among them is also David Coulthard, who at the microphones of ‘Channel 4’ was decidedly hard on the Cavallino: “Already from Friday it was clear that the hard one was not the ideal compound,” he said, “among other things, there were higher temperatures than we saw on Sunday: being cooler, it made even less sense to use the hard one. It was as if all the information available told the Ferrari box not to act in a certain way, but it was done anyway.”

The errors in strategy could, according to Coulthard, have further side effects on the second half of the season for the two drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz: “The team maybe can’t be dissatisfied with their drivers, but they have to be careful, because they in particular could lose confidence in the team in the next races.”

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