Trent, Lele Molin remains waiting for missing piece

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Molin waits for the missing piece

Aquila Trento coach Lele Molin, interviewed by Il Corriere del Trentino, spoke about what has been done in this very first part of the season: “I am extremely satisfied with what has been carried out so far. And I am referring to everything related to the sporting side, the managerial side and the communication side. We have managed to achieve almost all of the goals we had set at the end of last season, 100 percent was obviously not possible because so many things are obviously moving in the market.”

However, the coach of the HCL team requested an element, which is missing from the roster: “There is a lack of a player who can be effective and dangerous from the perimeter, we are looking for him knowing that he will fit within a group that can already count on a strong identity.”

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