Massimo Cellino, comes the jab at Mario Balotelli

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“It was not my operation.”

Interviewed by the Giornale di Brescia, Massimo Cellino, the Rondinelle president, took stock after five years at the helm of the Lombard club. Without forgetting the problems related to the narrow current affairs and the judicial events that have involved him, the former Cagliari patron sunk his memories into the past. And to the mistakes he would not make if he could go back.

“I regret going back to Italy five years ago. And then I would not take back Balotelli, which was an operation not of me. Then it was a mistake to send Marroccu away after promotion, but also to take him back last year. I had taken all the blame, even the ones that were not mine. What am I most proud of? Of having believed in Sandro Tonali,” Cellino began.

On his team’s corporate and technical momentum, the president set the record straight: “I think I have managed to take the square out of mediocrity, both financially and in terms of facilities, although I know the fans would prefer to have those who spend. Economic stability, however, is too important. Sporting consolidation of results is lacking, I recognize that. The goal before Covid was to take Brescia to A and leave it permanently there and then return to England, but now everything has changed. I however do not run away, all the more so now that there are characters perched ready to buy the company. Some people think mine is an anachronistic way of doing soccer, but in reality I have principles and morals from which I do not compromise. Keeping the accounts in order is in the first place, Brescia is a healthy club,2 he concluded.

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