MotoGp, Marc Marquez candid about Valentino Rossi

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Marquez gets out of line on the ‘Doctor’

“A virtue and a defect of Valentino Rossi.” When asked specifically, by reporters from ‘Marca,’ eight-time world champion Marc Marquez decided not to shy away, responding without much ado.

“His strength is charisma,” Marquez said of Rossi, “His weakness? You really want to say something to a nine-time world champion? Sure, maybe he might have shown some weakness in the last period, but if we look at his whole career there are no weaknesses.”

MotoGp, already without Rossi as of this year, must also forcibly do without Marquez himself, who in the same interview said, “The best thing is that it is unpredictable, anything can happen. But I would like the championship to grow more, to reach even more people.”

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