Torino, Ivan Juric goes down flat: “Thrown 40 days.”

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The granata technician does not hide in the press conference

The league opener at home to Monza, scheduled for Saturday at 8:45 p.m., is already an important crossroads for a Torino that intervened in the incoming market later than coach Ivan Juric expected. This was confirmed by the Croatian coach himself in the press conference.

“I think the team is incomplete numerically,” he said, bluntly. “I’m happy for those who have arrived but I think in the end it’s like last year: we take players who are excellent on paper, but who struggled in previous seasons, and we take them on loan. Hopefully Radonjic, Vlasic, Miranchuk and Lazaro will be able to do well.”

“We have thrown away 40 days training without players,” added, harshly, Juric again. “The market is long, but players are not figurines, who arrive and you put them in right away. Vagnati? I am delighted with his reaction, I finally saw someone who wants to react and fight.”

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